🐾 Boondall Vet Services🐾

We offer a wide range of vet services here at Boondall Veterinary Surgery, including

  • Dentistry – ultrasonic scaler, polisher and dental xrays
  • Dermatology – skin scrapings, large range of medicated shampoos
  • Surgery – Desexing, Lump removals, etc
  • Consultation for medical problems and surgical problems
  • Nutritional advice and large product range
  • Puppy Preschool
  • Vaccinations – Kitten, puppy and annual vaccinations
  • Flea control advice and products
  • In-house laboratory
  • Heartworm prevention advice and products

For any enquiries about any of our services, please get in contact with the Boondall Vet team on our Contact Us page.

Boondall Veterinary Surgery - Boondall Vet Services